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Reconstructive And Cosmetic Surgery

Reconstructive And Cosmetic Surgery

Sunrise Hospitals' Reconstructive & Cosmetic Department oversees cosmetic and aesthetic surgeries, along with reformative surgeries in the wake of the recent tragic or unpreventable trauma/accidents and birth. We strive to provide our patients with the precise and accurate appearance they desire while also restoring their normal and proper functions

Over the last decade, our department of reconstructive and cosmetic surgery has honed the skills of 15+ plastic surgeons' artilleries at our two branches throughout Hayathnagar and Shamshabad. A supportive infrastructure and ground-breaking technologies can even calm/reduce a wide range of conditions and disorders that are bound to destabilize the patient, as well as a slew of treatment modalities ranging from common to uncommon scenarios.

The simple and robust technologies wrap around and help the sections that extend to plastic Skin Grafting and Autografting Surgeries, Cosmetic Flap Surgeries, Reconstructive Microsurgery, and Intense Pulsed Light for therapeutic aesthetic and acne purposes, and skin resurfacing surgeries.

Provides a broad range of procedures, the following are a few examples:

Breast augmentation, craniofacial surgeries, paediatric plastic surgeries, laser and hand surgeries, nerve injuries, post-burn reconstruction, and defects such as growth disturbances after radiation therapy are also investigated.