24 hours Emergency Medical Services in Shamshabad

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24 Hours Emergency Medical Services

24 hours Emergency Medical Services

India today is considered the trauma capital of the world. Recent studies show that in the year 2022, around 1,55,622 deaths were reported due to road accidents in the country and 19000 accidents were noticed alone in Telangana state. The state stands in 7th place in terms of accidents in the country.

Road accidents are one of the common reasons for emergency admissions. Sunrise hospitals as one of the leading hospitals in the state understand that the increase in road accidents increases the demand for emergency hospital care.

Road accidents if minor can be treated with basic first aid, or can wait until they reach a clinic for the further medical process. But major road accidents which lead to critical conditions such as head injury, and neck injury, require quick and mandate hospitalization.

Major road accidents are mostly recorded on the highways, and fortunate people can arrange private emergency medical services using personal vehicles or helicopters but coming to normal people it becomes a nightmare to even get a basic emergency healthcare service. To tackle this major issue sunrise hospitals have started 24 hours emergency medical services in shamshabad which helps in avoiding delays in the treatment process thereby improving the survival rates of the patients. Sunrise hospitals provide service with an expert doctor’s team available around the clock to look after emergency cases with utmost care.

Emergency health situations aren’t aware of any appropriate place to arise! Emergency health conditions include heart diseases such as stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest, breathing emergency, choking emergency, etc., which need treatment as soon as possible to increase survival chances. To help with this criteria, sunrise hospitals has worked its best to provide 24 hours hospital services in Shamshabad with high-end technology and well-equipped machines to tackle any of the serious life-threatening health conditions.