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SUNRISE HOSPITALS' urology section concentrates on the male and female urinary tracts, including the ureters, bladder, prostate, and male reproductive system (Andrology). Uro-oncology and male infertility conditions are also sublet in the department. In terms of collaboration, we also excel with oncology clinics, the nephrology department, and the paediatric department to provide an intensive paediatric urology care unit as well as to carry geriatric cases.

Have also made a conscious effort to be a pioneer in kidney transplantation as well as comprehensive diagnostic and outpatient care for patients' convenience and stay.

Fully loaded with advanced technologies that could aid us with minimally invasive surgeries, realigning with patients' perceptions of bloodless and pain-free robotic urological and uro-oncological surgeries. The urology department provides all sonography and fluoroscopy assistance under the same roof.