Advanced Kidney Treatment Hospital in Shamshabad, Hyderabad

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Department of nephrology of SUNRISE HOSPITALS strives and thrives to provide treatment, cure, and kidney surgeries for pathologies and disorders that can be life-threatening at times, using the most globally advanced, precise, well-documented, and robust technologies that will get you rid of the problems without you even knowing it!

We take care of all kidney diseases and disorders, as well as the conditions that are related to them and contribute to such risk factors/ailments involving the kidney. Treating conditions that range from kidney stones, chronic kidney disease, and acute renal failure, pyelonephritis, cystic and cancerous conditions.

To begin with, we have a kidney dialysis facility for really specific conditions such as kidney stones, and kidney failure, and even getting the patient ready for kidney transplant dialysis is seen as sustainable maintenance until the recipient is arranged. All through a well-oriented policy of affordability and compatibility.