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The Anaesthesiology department at SUNRISE HOSPITAL deals In terms of pain threshold and the amount of anaesthetic agent administered in the body to cause temporary loss of sensation either locally or systemically during a diverse variety of surgeries related to every department and every major disease or condition that requires anaesthetic administration.

The department of anaesthesiology is in charge of pain management of all forms, which include muscle pain, skeletal pain, cancer pain, and post-operative pain. Anaesthesia is used for a variety of purposes, together with rehabilitation and psychological therapy, as well as postoperative pain management suggestions on how to maintain your quality of healthcare & for your ailments, and how the patient or guardian should handle the situation practically.

The anaesthesia management is carried out by a well-equipped, diamond team of anaesthesiologists who not only manage the exact dosage depending on the age, gender, and ethnicity and have therefore pinpointed the exact location where the anaesthetic is to be injected.

The following conditions are heavily managed by the anaesthesiology department:

A slipped disc, pelvic pain, various types of chronic pain, acute pain, radiating pain, and the list goes on!